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‘Hear ye’: Summerland, BC is a quaint, old-English towne located to the West of a lake, on the edge of a canyon and in the shadows of a giant’s head. It’s here where trout is hatched, fruit is bred and ornamental gardens bloom for months on end. The rule of thumb for any visit to Summerland is simple: stroll the charming town centre, stop to 'chew the fat', 'U-pick' your favourite fruit, and experience the Tudor class of life in the South Okanagan.

Summerland Hotels & Accommodations

Guests may sleep tight next to lake and mountain views in a ranch-style house, antique-furnished room or a cottage by the creek. Summerland’s hotels, motels and B&B’s are surrounded by the trappings of old English life.

Summerland Restaurants

Visitors may 'wet their whistle' at a local pub, eat a square restaurant meal or grab some grub on the go in Summerland. Bistros and cafés in the town centre are smashing places to gab with friends, family and fellow patrons.

Summerland Attractions & Activities

Boating, cycling, fishing, and horseback riding are four English rituals alive-and-well in Summerland. After the Regatta, visitors may tour Bottleneck Drive, scale volcanic rock or scan the horizon from an abandoned railway trestle’s perch.

Summerland Real Estate

Summerland has four areas in which to take-up residence: by the lake in Lower Town, on a rural lot, beside Trout Creek, or the dapper downtown core. Newer condos, post-war bungalows and modern homes are a few living options.

Summerland Events

Music festivals, shiny cars, and a great train robbery make Summerland a jolly good-old time. Dueling runners and darting boats are great spectator sports while others prefer to engage in the more 'refined' experience of a garden tour.

Summerland Classifieds

One lad’s trash is another's trinket: items found here may be useful tools for engaging in such noble pursuits as fishing, cycling, horseback riding, and concocting fruit-dessert dishes.

Summerland Business Directory

The storefronts of local merchants are alive with antiques, crafts, clothing, books, and other fine goods. Summerland’s old-town charm is partly due to the many boutique shops that line it's Main Street.

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